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The Woman Who Can Make Your Testosterone Plunge

Stumbled across this in Men’s Health and thought it was kinda interesting. Who knew?

Interesting study of the day: Men’s testosterone levels drop when they’re around a good friend’s wife, finds new research from the University of Missouri.

T-levels usually increase when you’re near a potential partner—or a rival’s significant other—according to the study. But your buddy’s lady is a friendly reminder of alliances, and how guys have evolved. In the past, backstabbers put a community at risk; a group of men who didn’t trust each other made a weak army, the researchers say.

This isn’t the only surprising effect a woman can have on you. Previous research suggests that guys in relationships have bigger personal bubbles than single men, preferring a hot woman to stand farther away from them . And a 2012 study in The British Journal of Psychology found that the mere presence of an attractive woman put men on their best behavior.

Who says men are pigs? Not science! (Note: None of this research was conducted in strip bars.)


by Cassie Shortsleeve March 26, 2013, 06:57 am EDT

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