Secrets of the Male Mind #2

Men Like Shopping

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Men might think that the female brain is consumed by thoughts of shoes, handbags and designer dresses. A woman proposes a trip to the mall, and his blood runs cold. But as it turns out, men spend just as much as their female counterparts on “Sex and the City” do. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men spent just $246 less than women on clothing in 2004 and 2005, and they spent more on their cars, restaurant cuisine, alcoholic drinks and audiovisual gear [Source: Hamilton].

So, men like to spend money — they just don’t like to spend it like women do. Whereas women like to stroll through the mall and peruse all the options, men prefer to decide what they want ahead of time, get it and go home. According to Professor Daniel Kruger at the University of Michigan, this difference reflects some evolutionary trends [Source: Alleyne]. As we’ve learned, traditionally, men served as the hunters, and women as the gatherers. Women would have to scope out the best spot for food and then forage carefully so as to avoid coming home with poisoned berries or rotten nuts. Today, that may be why women browse for just the right color of blouse or spend days finding the perfect birthday gift. On the other hand, men on the hunt had to be quick and decisive to catch their prey, and they needed to return home quickly to protect their homestead. If we’re still ruled by our evolutionary past, that may be why men prefer to shop speedily and return to the recliner.

             Confessions of a Shopaholic

Compulsive shopping and shopping addictions aren’t just a problem for women. The American Journal of Psychiatry reported in 2006 that men and women were equally afflicted with an insatiable need to buy [Source: Goudarzi].


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