Secrets of the Male Mind #3

Men Have Feelings Too, But Don’t Expect Them to Cry

We’ve already touched on the subject of men and empathy, and whether men are able to tell what others are feeling. But what about their own feelings? Women are considered the far more emotional gender, and many a girlfriend or wife has been left wondering why her man won’t just open up about how he feels. To some extent, it may be because men learn from a young age that the touchy-feely stuff is for the girls. But, as you may have guessed, some of it has to do with the difference between the male and female brains.

The amygdala is a part of the brain that controls our emotional responses. In men, the amygdala communicates with just a few parts of the brain, like the visual cortex and part of the brain responsible for movement [Source: Lloyd]. It’s like the amygdala is a power strip, and men have just one appliance plugged in. In comparison, a woman’s power strip is fueling many different appliances. In women, the amygdala is more connected to parts of the brain that control language, which may be why women talk about their feelings. It’s also linked to parts of the brain that control bodily functions like heart rate, blood pressure and digestion, which may be why women get a stomachache or other bodily response when they’re stressed or worried. In comparison, men seem to compartmentalize and show no outward display of emotion. But men still experience all the same emotions that women do, they just don’t cope with them in the same way.

Even when men are talking about their emotions, you probably won’t see them cry. Women cry four times as much as men do, probably because they have 60 percent more prolactin in their bodies[Source: Hoyt]. Prolactin is a type of hormone that stimulates crying. Men also tend to sweat more than women do, so it’s possible they rid their bodies of toxins that way, whereas women release emotional toxins through tears. And even if a guy sheds a tear, it won’t be full-on waterworks. Men have smaller tear ducts, so they can’t produce the same amount of tears that women do.

Very interesting…hope everyone is enjoying this.


Article courtesy of Discovery


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