Secrets of the Male Mind #5

Men Love Sports

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All right, all right — this one probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. Most men love sports. In 2005, three out of four U.S. men described themselves as sports fans, while only 50 percent of women identified as such[Source:Carroll]. Fifty percent of men say that football is their favorite sport to watch, with baseball and basketball trailing with 11 and 9 percent of men, respectively [Source: Carroll]. And even though rates of gambling on games is fairly low — only 17 percent of Americans put money on a sports team in 2007 — men are twice as likely to place a bet as women are [Source: Jones].

Since we’re on the topic of sports and gambling, this is as good a time as any to discuss testosterone, the hormone that is associated with all things masculine. Men produce 20 times more testosterone each day than women [Source: Mitchell]. When puberty rolls around, testosterone levels rise in boys, causing growth spurts, lower voices, facial and body hair and increased muscle mass. Testosterone also plays an important role in developing the reproductive system — it kick-starts libido, produces sperm and spurs development of the penis, prostate and scrotum.

In studies with animals, removing testosterone causes a drop in aggressive behavior, but scientists haven’t found the same relationship in humans [sources: Mitchell, University of Zurich]. Testosterone doesn’t always equal increased amounts of aggression, but we do have testosterone receptors on our brains, which makes it plausible that increased amounts of the hormone could affect our behavior. So testosterone plays some part in why men get fired up before the big game and become willing to risk money on their favorite team.

Go! Go! Go! More on this in the next post!


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