Secrets of the Male Mind #6

Men Don’t Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds







There’s really no polite way to put this: Men, as a gender, have been accused of having sex on the brain at all times. Prior to going on dates, young women are warned that guys are only after one thing — another notch on their bedpost. One oft-cited statistic claims sexual thoughts cross a man’s mind every 7 seconds.

Do all men need a collective cold shower? Not by a long shot. Most men come nowhere near the fabricated 7 seconds standard (if they did, this would have been a mighty short article). According to the Kinsey Institute, 54 percent of men think about sex every day, but 43 percent only consider it a few times a month or a few times a week, while 4 percent make it the whole month before pondering the subject . The same study found that only 60 percent of men had masturbated in the previous year . Admit it — you expected that number to be much higher.

Because men have a reputation for always being in the mood, many a woman has had her feelings hurt when her partner rebuffs her amorous advances. Many factors can affect a man’s readiness for love, including stress, fatigue, an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise.

So if men aren’t constantly thinking about sex, what IS on their minds?

But You Say He’s Just a Friend

If you listen to the radio long enough, you’ll hear plenty of songs about men’s cheating hearts. When polled, however, men report that they think marital infidelity is always wrong. They’re even getting more conservative on the matter: In the 1970s, 63 percent of men said adultery was wrong, but in this decade, a whopping 78 percent of men said it was .


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