Secrets of the Male Mind #7

Men Really Can’t Help Looking at Other Women

On the last page, we discussed that men are less empathetic than woman, perhaps in part because they have less sensitive mirror neurons than women do. But men’s mirror neurons aren’t completely lacking, as evidenced by brain scans that have been done while men watch pornography. In 2008, French researchers had men watch adult films while they were undergoing an fMRI brain scan. The researchers found that the part of the brain that displays mirror neuron activity lit up before the subjects got erections, which may indicate the great power porn has on the human brain — it persuades mirror neurons to think that sex is actually occurring, which stimulates a physical response [sources:  Motluck, Lehrer].

Mirror neurons aren’t the only part of the brain that is involved when a man watches pornography. Actresses in adult films tend to be, shall we say, curvaceous. Researchers have found that the sight of a woman with an hourglass shape, be it in the movies or in the local bar, activates the same reward centers in the brain that are associated with drugs and alcohol . Seeing photographs of the same woman, minus the distinct waist-to-hip ratio, didn’t activate those reward centers. From an evolutionary standpoint, men may still subconsciously associate shapely hips with fertility, thus finding women with hourglass shapes preferable for mating. So if your boyfriend won’t stop checking out that Beyoncé lookalike, bear in mind that never looking at another woman would be like an addict going without his fix.

But if he looks, does that mean he’ll stray? Not necessarily.


Good Stuff Ladies.


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